Singing flute

Singing flute

Sai Sundaram

Sai Sundaram

Ave Maria

Sabeenamayi & Vigneshwara
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Mary is alive! She is a force on our earth, waiting for us to invite her into our lives. In every prayer that we speak to her with an open heart, we can have a direct experience of her wonderful power of love.

She can meet us bodily in her form, as it has happened in many places on earth. Sometimes she blesses us with healings or with inexplicable events which we may call miracles. These miracles are always and everywhere possible.

The "Ave Maria" is one of the most powerful prayers of the Occident. Our setting of the Ave Maria lives in this live recording through the devotion of our voices and the tender accompaniment of the guitar. May the divine mother touch every heart with her amazing power.

Time: 29 Min. 34 Sek.

Instruments: flute, guitar


1 Ave Maria, gratia plena

2 Prayer to the divine mother 

3 Silent thanks

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