Baba's Divine Symphony

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This is Baba´s promise, and he fulfilled it then and continues to do so even today. Everyone deals with crises in their lives that could be professional or personal. At such times some turn to their Guru or God to give them comfort and peace of mind, while others turn to spiritual books for solace and solutions. This book comprises a wide range of leelas that describe how devotees over the ages have sought refuge in Baba, and Baba has kept his promise at all times. It speaks of how Baba delved in the centre of his devotees, hearts and empathised with them. With his all-knowing, all-pervasive and all-embracing, qualities he helped them irrespective of who they were. There is a leela for every day for the pleasure of the readers to read and get enlightened. The leelas touch upon a wide range of issues that we face in our everyday lives.

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Author Vinny Chitluri
Language English
ISBN 978-3-958330-09-2
Pages 396
Length in mm 215
Width in mm 140
Weight in gram 500
Country of Manufacture India