Singing for the Divine

Singing for the Divine


Divine Grace

Chants of Silence

Shankara (Falk)
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"Chants of Silence" by Shankara (Falk)

Silence is the essence of bhajan-singing. Silence is the essence of everything-there-is. Eternity. The everlasting that has been before the existence of time and that will be long after this earth has gone.

„Chants of Silence“ will take you into this silence and to your real Self. The vibrations of these bhajans open your heart and allow you to feel and experience that eternal love that nourishes and flows through everything in this creation.

May this music touch your heart so it opens more and more. May it surround you to wash out any heartbreak and illusion, layer by layer, that keeps you from understanding and living who you really are: A part and an incarnation of God Himself.



  1. Om Gam Gam Ganapataye
  2. Guru Deva
  3. Kali Durge
  4. Jai Kanaka Durga
  5. Bolo Bolo
  6. Shivaya Parameshvaraya
  7. Govinda Jaya Jaya
  8. Govinde Radhe
  9. Sri Ram Jai Ram


total running time: 60min




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Length in mm 140
Width in mm 125
Weight in gram 100
Country of Manufacture Germany