Nada Bindu - Divine Blessings

Nada Bindu - Divine Blessings


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Eternity is our true nature - eternal love, eternal silence, eternal existence.

Every being in this creation is an expression of that eternity and at the same time a part of it. We are all one. Forever and always we are connected in this one divine eternity.

Singing bhajans allows us to feel and experience this eternal truth directly. That is the reason why feel so alive and real when we sing bhajans. In the present Kali Yuga, singing the names of the Divine is the number one way to connect ourselves with God himself and realize and fulfifil our own divinity.



  1. Om Gan Gan Ganapati (5:16 min)
  2. Jai Sri Kaleshwar (6:05 min)
  3. Bhola Bhandari Baba (5:53 min)
  4. Jaya Jaya Devi Mata (7:32 min)
  5. Jaya Kali Kapalini Ma (6:02 min)
  6. Hare Hare Bole Namah Shivaya (7:16 min)
  7. Sada Shiva (7:19 min)
  8. Radhe Radhe (5:18 min)
  9. Nacho Gopala (4:24 min)
  10. Hanuman Mantra (7:26 min)


running time: 62:33 min




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