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Surya Nadi Process (Aug 2009)

Kala Chakra Process (Dec 2006)

Sri Kaleshwar Transcript
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Joschua Tree, California, 8th - 10th December 2006
Booklet of 56 pages

Buddha was the first spiritual Master to bring the teachings of the Kalachakra, the wheel of time, to the world. We are all under the powerful influence of the Kalachakra. You can trust anything in the world except time. But,

“Once the Kalachakra Yantra is with you, time cannot bite you that easily.”

How to utilize time so that it works for you? Through the Kalachakra you can go back in time. For example, if you were heartbroken ten years ago, you can go back eleven years and wash that out, before that illusion imprinted on your soul. You can become a new soul by travelling back to when you were in your mother’s womb and erase the illusions created during this life. You can go back thousands of years. That is the Kalachakra Process. Doing the Kalachakra prayers create divine protection circles against time, heal heartbreak and emotional blocks, and lead you to the holy experience of Mother Divine’s womb. Time becomes our ally leading us to enlightenment.

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