Journey with My Master Sri Kaleshwar

Der schnellste Weg zur Erleuchtung

Kaleshwar, Volume 1

written by Monika from Penukonda
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Sri Kaleshwar's life was predicted 400 years ago, in revelations given in a manuscript called The Kalagnana: "A young man will come and live at the base of the Penukonda mountain. He has a special relationship with the Mother Divine; She hears his prayers. He will bring light and knowledge to the world to help remove the darkness." This book shares stories of life with Sri Kaleshwar. His message to us is a simple one: "Everybody needs to create peace on the globe. Everyone needs to take care of someone's pain. Even though you have a lot of problems, when someone is in trouble you have to help them. That's why we are here. We all need to take care of each other."

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Author Monika from Penukonda
Language English
ISBN 978-3-940656-54-4
Pages 214
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Country of Manufacture Germany