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All for One

Prayers from open Heart

Prayers from open Heart


Gustav Vigneshwara & Sabeenamayi & Kids
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Every day we resound in the great symphony of the five elements - that we call ‘life’.

The earth nourishes us as its children and welcomes our body when we drop it again. The sun gives us life force, fire and its light. Every form is first created in the ether. Everything we see, touch, smell and taste is an idea that has taken shape. The water balances our emotional body and refreshes every cell. The air helps us to rise and to recognize our true self with every breath more and more.

The five elements are the beginning and the end of our creation. We are born through them and into them. We live through them and in them and our last farewell will be to the five elements.

Who can harmonize the five elements within himself lives healthy, successfully and at peace with himself.

From the intimate connection with the elements springs joy and gratitude. Whoever wants to be a master of his life must become a friend of the elements.

With these 5-element-mantras we have the chance to regain our original perfect health in a physical, psychological and spiritual way. The mantras are characterized by the fact that they work like small power plants. They generate a flow of healing energy in body, mind and soul.

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Time: 55 Min. 32 Sek.

Track 1 - Om Aim Kleem Saoum

Track 2 - Om Sra Nam Bhuum Bhuteshwari

Track 3 - Om Aim Kleem Sreem

Track 4 - Om Hreem Hessraim Hreem

Track 5 - Om Lingaastakam

Track 6 - Om Kluum Dhluum Jum

Track 7 - Om Sarvam Bramha Mayam

Track 8 - Om Bramham Vishnum Maheshwaram

Track 9 - Om Ram Ram Ram

Track 10 - Om Guru Guru Paramaguru

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