Jesus Yantra

Jesus Yantra

Penukonda Durga Yantra

Silver medallion with powerful drawing from ancient palm leaf book
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This medallion is a very powerful Yantra from ancient Indian palm leaf books. It depicts The Holy Mother Parashakti with open Chakas.

This Yantra has a strong effect on all Chakras in the body. They are activated, purified, and recharged. It is especially effective on The Third Eye and The Heart Chakra. It offers great protection against negative energy.

Sri Kaleshwar released this Yantra for Guru Purnima 2008 with the recommendation that it be worn around the neck as a medallion or that it be used as a power source when working with others. .



Front: Yantra of the Holy Mother with a ruby in the Third Eye

Back: picture of Sri Kaleshwar

Material: fine silver 999

Weight: 32 grams

With eyelet to attach to a necklace or bracelet/strap


The medallions are blessed by Sri Kaleshwar.

Send in a small jewelry box.


More Information
Length in mm 40
Width in mm 0
Weight in gram 26
Country of Manufacture Germany