Lotus Mala from Penukonda

Lotus Mala from Penukonda

Rudraksha Mala from Penukonda

Mala with 108 Rudraksha beads for Mantra-Meditation high quality made in Germany with special bead cord
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The handcrafted Mala, made of 108 Rudraksha beads, is ,blessed and charged at Sri Kaleshwar's samadhi in Penukonda, India.

A Mala is a necklace of beads used for spiritual practices (for example, the recitation of Mantras). Traditionally, Malas are held between thumb and middle finger as the Mantra is repeated (silently or out loud) over every bead. Begin on the Guru Bead and move forward until you reach it again. , The Mala can also be worn around the neck so it can radiate its energy through Mantra-meditation. , More information on the use of Malas can be found in the book ,Gifts of Shirdi Sai Baba. , ,

More Information
Length in mm 350
Width in mm 18
Weight in gram 30
Country of Manufacture India