Sai Sundaram

Sai Sundaram

Shirdi Sai Baba Stotram

Shirdi Sai Baba Stotram

Sai Satyam

Shiva Sai Mandir Music II
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The bhajans and songs on this CD were composed and recorded in the special energy and power of Sri Kaleshwar's spiritual center in Penukonda, South India. The music touches heart and soul. Swami Kaleshwar gave the title to the CD "Sai Satyam". By "Sai" his master Shirdi Baba is meant, the avatar of this age and "Satyam" is the divine, pure truth.

Gustav Vighneshwera, Mike and Sabeenamayi present with "Sai Satyam" their first common CD. Mike's intensive western musical understanding as a Level 42 member and Sabeenamayi's and Gustav Vigneshwera's rich experience of Indian Bhajan music result in a wonderful composition of western-eastern sounds.

The devotion and true love that grows within us when we sing bhajans and songs to God opens the way to achieve everything in our lives that we really desire.

Time: 43:34 


1. Suramuni Vandita Vinayaka (Gustav/Mike) 4:58
2. Jay Sai Natha (Gustav/Mike) 4:12
3. Jay Jay Guru Deva (Traditional) 8:12
4. Sadguru Priya (Sabeenamayi /Mike /Gustav) 5:33
5. Durga Divya (Gustav/Mike) 4:18
6. Shiva Shambo (Gustav/Mike) 2:57
7. Amrutha Linga (Gustav/Mike) 4:46
8. Jaya Hanumana (Gustav/Mike) 5:27
9. Gopala Bala (Gustav/Mike) 2:53

Vocals: Gustav Vighneshwera Tilmann, Mike Lindup, Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Christine Mag Strasser, Kristina Schmidt
Piano and Keyboards: Mike Lindup
Guitar: Gustav Vighneshwera Tilmann, Roman Wagner von Berg, Christine Mag Strasser
Flute: Sabeenamayi Tilmann
Drums: Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Mike Lindup
Shaker: Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Gustav Vighneshwera Tilmann, Mike Lindup
Cello: Ivan Hussey

Recorded at Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda
Additional recording at White Room 5, London, and Lower Barn, Hindhead
Grateful thanks to Peter X, Falk Scheuble and Joe Harding for their assistance
Produced and mixed by Mike Lindup at Studio99, London
Mix engineer Mike Westergaard

© Shiva Sai Mandir Music 2008

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