Shirdi Sai Mahadeva

Shirdi Sai Mahadeva

Miracle Child

Miracle Child

Swami's POEMs

The CD Swami's POEMs is a musical Satsang for you.

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At the Jesus Program, 2010, Swami Kaleshwar recited the POEMs: in Telugu, the so-called daughter of Sanskrit. There are also sentences in English.

Claudiha-Gayatri Matussek created the music-album in gratitude and love to her best soul mate and guru Swami Kaleshwar. She is Senior Swami Student since 1998, Voice Artist, SAMA-Sonologist, NadaBrahma-Voice-Analyst, Overtone-Singer.

The music with her Trio Klangkunst ovEst Ein3Klang was created with the violist Brindusa Ernst, viola, member of classical ensembles, and with Michael Popp, multi-instrumentalist of Eastern instruments, dilruba, saz, bansur, Indian harp and others, leader of various ensembles, e.g.

In listening you feel your spiritual togetherness with Swami Kaleshwar, his cosmic truths are highest inspiration and give healing for your being. The melodies were created exactly from the tones of his speech melody. How Claudiha-Gayatri discovered these frequencies and how they became music is described in her book "Jesus Maria Ishwara".

She got the name 'Gayatri' from Swami. Krishna said: Gayatri is the meter of the universe. In this sense, Claudiha-Gayatri serves the music of the cosmos. Swami's voice, his voice and intonation is her cosmic mother tongue.



  1. Vishwa Swarupuniki
  2. Brahma Ananda
  3. Mamakaramulone Undi
  4. Unnadira Anduloni
  5. Telusukora Ananda
  6. Atma Chilcharanidi
  7. Maha Chakra
  8. Atma Parisuddha Atma
  9. Yogulu Aghorulu, Adi Shiva Jnaname
  10. Kulamatalaku Atitamu
  11. Arthamu Chesukondira
  12. Talli Prema Anantakoti Prema


running time: 01:09:00 min




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