Incense "Krishnakala Chandan"

Raksha Bandhana

Raksha Bandhana

Chandra Nadi process items

Sandalwoodpowder, special mala and transcript for the Chandra Nadi process.
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Summary about Surya- and Chandra Nadi process from the book: 
„The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ“, Chapter 12

If you want to help the society in this Kali Yuga, two things are very important – the Surya and Chandra Nadi Processes. These most powerful enlightenment processes were created by Vishvamitra Maharshi 3000 years back, then written down in a palm leaf book.

In our consciousness there are two channels, nadis, the sun and the moon. These nadis are linked to your breath. Surya means sun, removing the darkness. The sun energy is your breath in. It is arising. You are giving life to your consciousness, to your heart, and to your soul. Chandra means moon. Your breath out is Chandra Nadi, you are decharging. Together – breathing in and breathing out – you are charging and decharging.

If the breath is not balanced in a proper way, disturbances, illusions and depression will come to your soul through your in breath. Once you do this process, when you are facing a lot of headaches, you will decharge them through your out breath. Then you can really protect from your negative karmas. That much power is hidden in our breathing.

As you keep chanting the bijaksharas, your breathing system automatically comes under your control. The pranayama takes place automatically. As you are bringing the air element to your consciousness, your consciousness starts to open. Then you start to feel light. Then your consciousness will command and dictate on your thoughts, your sharpness and your awareness.

The Surya and Chandra Nadis are like a cobra's two tongues (forked tongue). After doing the process, the energy starts from the kundalini, at the base of your spinal cord, and moves all the way up the spine, then hits your third eye. Your third eye transfers high vibrations to your consciousness.


Included in delivery:

Sandalwoodpowder and special mala for the Chandra Nadi process.

A transcript is included with instructions for the process and the talks from Sri Kaleshwar about the Chandra Nadi process.


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