Sri Chakra Yantra

Sri Chakra Yantra

Jesus Yantra

Silver medallion with Jesus-Yantra from ancient palm leaf book
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+++ Reproduction in summer 2024 +++

Excerpt from the book "The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ":

"The Jesus yantra was in the palm leaf book almost 1900 years back. It’s amazingly powerful. Like the Gayatri yantra and mantra that Vishvamitra created, 101 equally powerful saints created this yantra. Jesus Christ’s soul witnessed that.

Jesus’ soul yantra is a symbol to win all the divine channels and I can say it is one hundred times more powerful than the Sri Chakra Yantra. Put it that way. It’s really powerful. Nowhere on the globe can you find this yantra, except in the palm leaves we have. Once you really understand it, you can win Asta Siddhis, know Mother Divine, win Jesus, win Dattatreya. Everything is there in one yantra. This is the complete Creation – life and death.  ....  I also recommend for every person to wear a coin with a JC Yantra on your neck. There’s no chance the illusion can touch you."





Frontside: Jesus-Yantra

Backside: Picture of Sri Kaleshwar and Jesus

Diameter: 40 mm

Material: pure silver 999

Weight: 30g


The Jesus medallion is blessed in a special ceremony according to the instructions of Sri Kaleshwar.

Send in a small jewelry box.


More Information
Length in mm 40
Width in mm 0
Weight in gram 26
Country of Manufacture Germany