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Shirdi Sai Baba - The Universal Master

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This book tells the life story of the legendary Indian saint Shirdi Sai Baba, through the words of Sri Kaleshwar, one of India’s most highly respected spiritual leaders today. It shares the deep hidden meaning of this great soul’s divine life and actions. Sri Kaleshwar says, “In my meditation visions, I saw the major things Baba did in his life, like a movie.  Any person can see a soul’s life through the power channels. He was a simple character, enjoying the divine fragrance of his life. It’s one of the best divine stories ever written. It’s a blockbuster movie.”

Living as an outcast on the outskirts of Shirdi for eighteen years before spending the rest of his life in a dilapidated temple he named Dwarkamai, Shirdi Sai Baba lived as a simple beggar while performing miraculous healings and taking the pain and suffering of the whole globe. “I am a Grandfather to all people,” he said. “Whoever calls me heartfully, I am there. I will take care of you wherever you are.” 

Shirdi Baba’s life demonstrated the unity of all religions. No one knew what religion he was. He was revered by Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike.  He said, “All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity. God is One.” 

Sri Kaleshwar says: "My master is Shirdi Sai Baba. He was an avadhut from northern India, four or five hours from Bombay. He used to live in Shirdi, a simple village. There were only thirty houses in that small hamlet. He carried unbelievable abilities in him. He was a man of miracles and an amazing powerful healer, but he lived his life with a begging bowl in the street. There’s a strong message in that." 

Shirdi Baba is the avatar for this yuga. He is the number one perfect incarnation of Dattatreya. Baba always said Allah Maalik Ek—God is one. The inner meaning of this was all the three (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) were in him, Dattatreya. No doubt, he was a purely Shiva character. A Shiva Datta character means Shiva with a begging bowl living a very simple life. He had amazing abilities, but rarely showed them. Such an amazing simple character was beyond the five elements. He doesn’t care, yet at the same time he cares. On the surface, he has very funny behavior. Inwardly, he has an amazing depth of character. In spirituality, Baba’s life was the number one to receive torturing and suffering, only connecting to his Guru Parampara, not caring about anything else.

He meditated for fifty years, non-stop. Non-stop means he only took off one to two hours each day to go into the village and ask for food. Then again he sat in his Dwarkamai, meditating and doing his spiritual process. He only cared about merging with Mother Divine and Shiva. After some years, he took his meditation energy and made four flames in a room underground. Then he sealed that room to keep those lights burning to store his meditation power, all his energy, for millions of people to be able to receive that energy in the future. Whatever top miracles any saint did on this planet, Baba did ten times more powerfully. It was proved in that village by thousands of stories. He passed October 15, 1918, but still his soul exists. His energy amazingly exists.

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