Chandra Nadi process items

Chandra Nadi process items

Raksha Bandhana

Raksha Bandhana

Surya Nadi Yantra

Silver medallion with Sun-Yantra from ancient palm leaf book
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Sri Kaleshwar about the Surya Nadi Yantra: 

"It´s the Surya and Chandra, Sun and Moon Process. These two things are the most effectful on our body, on our soul, and on our consciousness. Early morning we have different vibrations. On full moon we have different vibrations. On new moon in our soul vibrations are different. Sun is the main reason for entire Creation. Without the sun there is no Creation, we are not here. Even the Mother, even the Shiva. Shiva held the sun energy, the fire element in his 3rd eye. The sun energy how much it will flow on you. Without sun cosmic energy in your consciousness, all the types of terrible blocks will flow. 


Even though you have Sri Chakra and any yantras, you need to have these pressed Surya- and Chandra-Nadi Yantra on a one inch dollar size coin, either in copper, silver, or gold, to put on your neck. Even you have tons of malas and whatever it is, every Full and New Moon timings, it must be on your neck."

Front side: Surya-Nadi-Yantra

Backside: Picture of Sri Kaleshwar

Diameter: 30 mm

Material: Pure silver 999

Weight: 12g


The medallions are blessed by Sri Kaleshwar.

Send in a small jewelry box.

More Information
Length in mm 30
Width in mm 0
Weight in gram 15
Country of Manufacture Germany