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The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

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This book reveals the real life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Based on historical proofs and evidences, including an authentic ancient palm leaf manuscript translated by Sri Kaleshwar, one of India’s saints. It unravels the mysteries of Jesus Christ’s life that have been known only to the divine saints of India until now.

It includes the revelations from Sri Kaleshwar about his relationship with Jesus in a prior incarnation; the truth about the crucifixion, how Jesus came back to life through the advanced yogic process of Khandana Yoga with the help of his mother, Mary; Mary’s miraculous abilities; his spiritual practices and research in India before the crucifixion; his real mission to bring the knowledge in the ancient manuscripts to the world to develop souls with great spiritual abilities to help others. Sri Kaleshwar presents archeological evidence supporting this information for any scientist and scholar to evaluate.

“Jesus Christ was quite an amazing and powerful person. I knew him personally. He was an avadhut, a fierce gentle soul with a beautiful look, and a face like a flower blooming. His look was so full of pure love. He was a flower blooming in the darkness. I walked with him and personally made a promise to him. At the time, we were in India and the information was lost. On the day, I put my hand on his hand, he said, "Are you really going to bring this knowledge back to the globe?" "Yes, I will do something.“ He made me promise five times. What I am telling now was a big famous story 2000 back. This is the time I have to give it to the world. Two thousand years later the information is finally coming out." - Sri Kaleshwar

More Information
Author Sri Kaleshwar
Language English
Edition 2nd (April 2010)
ISBN 978-3-940656-10-0
Pages 312
Feature Audio-CD (Mantras chanted by Sri Kaleshwar)
Length in mm 230
Width in mm 160
Weight in gram 910
Country of Manufacture Germany