Kaleshwar, Volume 1

Journey with My Master Sri Kaleshwar

written by Cyndria Renfort
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My life has been a spiritual quest full of amazing experiences that have unexpectedly appeared around each twist and turn of my journey's path. And one day while I was walking I found myself waking up in a beautiful ashram in southern India working with a powerful saint, in a foreign culture, in a foreign land.

The road has been hard and bumpy at times, especially when I have had to face myself during the many tests and challenges that self-discovery often brings. With great skill, my Master has forced me to see from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Through this book I humbly share my experiences and deep feelings with you. It is my great wish that the stories of my time with Sri Kaleshwar will enrich your life as they have mine.

And how did I end up here? Well, if one day you were asked to walk with Jesus, what would you do?

This book is about an unexpected spiritual quest taken by a successful schoolteacher from Mendocino, California. Cindy was 44 years old when she decided to give up her life, as she knew it, to go to India and study with an amazing Indian saint, Swami Kaleshwar. In her book, Cindy delicately reveals through western eyes what it is like to work with a great spiritual Master in this modern day and age. Her story is an amazing and unusual one, as she spent 13 years of her life directly taking care of Swami and his family, as well as helping him to run his extraordinary ashram.

This captivating book honestly reveals the trials and tribulations of both the Saint and the student as he moves her through her spiritual journey. The book’s informative, heart wrenching and often funny stories describe the incredible miracles Swami performed, and give an intimate portrayal of his thoughts, interests, and suffering. The book ends with a revealing view of the last days and sweet, precious moments that Cindy spent with Sri Kaleshwar leading up to his Mahasamadhi. He died at the young age of 38.

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