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Paramashiva Yoga

The Path to Mother Divine, Shiva & The Guru Parampara
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These volumes contain almost a decade of Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings. A compilation of information gathered from Sri Kalshwar’s talks in Penukonda. They are essential to understanding the fundamentals of the ancient knowledge.

Sri Kaleshwar says, Paramashiva is the starting point of the creation, giving the energy to anything in the universe. With it, you can make the light and receive incredible, supernatural great abilities…some creation needs to happen in your soul in order to create some new changes in your life, so you can recognize yourself while you are on this planet. So what do you need to receive? What is the exact thing you need to receive in your soul to turn it? Once if you communicated with Mother Divine, connected Her, the deeper levels you’ll know. The saptarishis are the founders of Paramashiva Yoga. It is one part of their top information. It is from the ancient Vedic process. Whatever Shiva can do on this Earth, you can do through Paramashiva Yoga. Whatever Jesus Christ did on this Earth, you can do through Paramashiva Yoga. Whatever any divine soul did, yes, you can do it. I can give a guarantee to each soul. Once you start to really open your heart to do practices – The Five Elements, Brahma Kundalini Nadi, the siddhis – they’re like a helicopter mechanism. These Paramashiva Yoga energies are like a jet flight mechanism. Mantra, yantra, then creating a new divine energy – that’s it.

Table of Content:

  • Stage 1 to 5: Beginning to Connect with Mother Divine‘s Energy
  • Stage 6 to 14: Beginning to Connect with Shiva‘s Energy
  • Stage 15: Destroying Black Magic & Negative Energies
  • Stage 16: Getting the Help of a Divine Soul
  • Stage 17 to 20: Connecting to Mother Divine
  • Stage 21: Seeing Shiva & Beyond Enlightment
  • Illusion Nets: The Matrix of Creation
  • Inner Elements: The Channels for Breaking the Soul Illusions
  • Sri Chakra
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Author Sri Kaleshwar
Language English
Edition 5th (2008)
ISBN 978-3-940656-22-1
Pages 628
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