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Victory through Vaastu™

Transforming Your Life Through the Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture
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According to the ancient Maharishis, Vaastu equals 50% of spirituality. It solves 80% of life’s problems. Sri Kaleshwar’s vision on Vaastu reveals the hidden aspects of Vaastu for our modern times. He brings clarity and removes the myths, making Vaastu a practical tool for everyone — whether you live in a city or in the country, in a palace or a hut.

“Vaastu determines whether a place is suitable to live in or not. Although the same nature exists everywhere, each location is different. You need to know if a place is fit to live, if it will bring you happiness. Will a seed sprout there? Vaastu tells you this. All places cannot be temples. All places are not the birthplaces of saints. All places do not bring happiness. Vaastu decides whether or not the land will support you and bring success. As a doctor prescribes healthy food to a patient — what to eat and not to eat — Vaastu prescribes the positive and negative qualities of a place.” — from Victory Through Vaastu

“Many people are facing unnecessary problems in their life. They have good hearts. They only want to live their lives very peacefully, but many obstacles are coming, coming, coming — many headaches and worries. They don’t know what they are doing wrong. They feel like they’re being punished. They’re doing their best, but negative strokes keep coming. They have pure hearts and dedication. How come they are failing? Is it fair? It’s only the Vaastu. Once they fix it their life will come up very beautifully, blooming as a beautiful flower.” — from Victory Through Vaastu

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Author Sri Kaleshwar
Language English
Edition 1st (2003)
ISBN 978-3-940656-04-9
Pages 288
Length in mm 280
Width in mm 205
Weight in gram 1150
Country of Manufacture Germany