Chants of Silence

Chants of Silence

Singing for the Divine

CD from Vrajeshvari

The songs are prayers of an open heart to God and Goddess.

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Since my childhood I have sung with great joy and in praise of the divine power in all of us.

In 2003, however, I was given a CD that changed everything. The songs from a small south Indian temple in Penukonda touched me so deeply in my soul that I had not experienced it before. It was the guru mantra from Swamiji Kaleshvara Swami's Shiva Sai Mandir. Sung by a small group of western devotees who learned this style of singing directly from Swami Kaleshvara. The CD is called - Prayers from an open heart by Vigneshvera Gustav Tilman. I had no idea what was happening inside me. I could only surrender into this endless flow of love and inner emotion. My head was trying to tell me that none of this was for me. But after 3 years I wanted to know more about these songs. And finally, in 2009, I began a Bhajan training, which I completed with an oral and written exam in 2015. My wonderful teachers were Sabeenamayi and Vigneshwera Tilman. It gives me great pleasure, as a bhajan singer and workshop leader, to accompany interested people in this soul song.

The songs are prayers of an open heart to God and Goddess.

One of the most powerful self-healing techniques Swami Kaleshvara taught is SANGITA PRAKSHALANA - healing the heart through listening to music.

Shiva Sai Mandir Music is music for the soul. The songs are food for the soul.



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