Sri Kaleshwar and his mission

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission is to change the way spirituality is practiced—to bring a new level of spirituality to all mankind—one that will bring happiness to every person’s heart and will change the world’s belief system. This is his duty, his dharma. Everything he does is to fulfill this pledge.

The Ashram in Penukonda

Penukonda is a sacred power spot with a long history of association with thousands of saints and divine souls. Since 1997, students from around the world have come to experience its Divine energy and immerse themselves in the sacred knowledge of the ancient rishis, taught at the ashram.

The ancient knowledge

Why could Shirdi Baba demonstrate miracles? Why could Jesus do miracles? Why could Buddha do miracles? Why can’t we do that? Why do some people get huge success gaining spiritual power while others don’t? Is it their hard work, good luck, past life meditation power or their master’s help?